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Trishul Goel

Trishul Goel is a professional frontend developer; writes React code for living and volunteers for Mozilla to justify his existence.

Identifying non ES5 packages


To the delight of Frontend developers around the globe, Microsoft finally decided to kill its dreaded browser Internet explorer. But it’s…

Resource coverage in the browser


One of the performance wins for the websites is the deferred loading of JS or CSS which are not required at the first load. While starting a…

Lazyload images the browser way


One of the biggest performance wins for image-extensive webpages is . Normally, the browser fetches all the required resources from the…

Sleep function in Javascript


There are times while writing javascript, when we might want to halt the execution of Javascript for a small period say 2 seconds. May be…

Optional Chaining


has bugged every javascript developer enough. While expecting a response from APIs, we need to add several to make sure our code doesn’t…

Get started with web workers


Javascript is single-threaded ie. all of the javascript code written is executed in a single thread. All the functions are executed…

Offline caching with serviceworkers


Caching always has proven to be the winner when it comes to performance. Browser by default caches the resources on its end, but to get…

Handle Cancel Click on File Input


Ever Tried capturing cancel event on Browse file input type in HTML, tbh there is no direct way to do so :( But there is a workaround adding…