Rainbow text with CSS

February 11, 2024

Some designers can not get enough of colors and want the text not to be in solid color but rainbow colors. Traditionally developers achieve…

Identifying non ES5 packages

August 15, 2021

To the delight of Frontend developers around the globe, Microsoft finally decided to kill its dreaded browser Internet explorer. But it’s…

Creating accordions with native HTML

December 07, 2020

Accordions are one of the most commonly used UI components for any website. For example FAQs section of the website, where only the question…

Optional Chaining

January 17, 2020

TypeError has bugged every Javascript developer enough. While expecting response from APIs, we need to add a number of && to make sure our code don't break

Get started with web workers

December 28, 2019

Javascript is single-threaded ie. all of the javascript code written is executed in a single thread. All the functions are executed…

Offline caching with serviceworkers

December 15, 2019

Caching always has proven to be the winner when it comes to performance. Browser by default caches the resources on its end, but to get…

How to setup IRC and IRC bouncer

December 11, 2019

What is IRC? [Internet Relay Chat] - IRC is a protocol that provides a way to communicate in real-time with people from all over the world…

How to create gists from command line

December 10, 2019

Creating GitHub gists is always a problem if you want to share some changes in your code with someone else. First, you need to copy the…