How to create gists from command line

December 10, 2019

Creating GitHub gists is always a problem if you want to share some changes in your code with someone else. First, you need to copy the changes from the terminal and then paste in This process is really time taking if you do it very often.

So, I was looking for some automated method to create gists, I stumbled upon pretty-diff, a single line command that will create a GitHub gist with the changes in your git repository.


Install pretty-diff

npm i -g pretty-diff

Now create a Personal Access Token (make sure to check “Create gist”). After that run this command:

git config --global gist-diff.token "AccessToken"

Now you are ready to use pretty-diff and share the git changes. Just run this command and it will upload the changes to GitHub gist.


gist-diff will create a gist and then opens the browser to the URL of the gist.

Happy sharing the code.

Shivam Singhal

Shivam Singhal is a full stack developer, Linux Guy, Mozillian by ❤️.